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National Cleaner Production Centers (NCPCs) Networks

After the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio in 1992, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) both set off to pilot preventive environmental strategies in key developing countries. Upon their successful completion, UNIDO and UNEP jointly launched a programme to establish National Cleaner Production Centres (NCPCs). The first batch of eight NCPCs was established during 1994-1995.

The NCPCs were established to deliver services to business, government and other stakeholders in their home country and to assist them with the implementation of Cleaner Production methods, practices, policies and technologies. Moreover, the NCPCs were expected to act as public advocates for CP. Each NCPC was initially set up as project that was hosted by a national industry association, technical institute or university. Over time the NCPCs have become increasingly independent from UNIDO and UNEP both administratively and financially.

With principal support from the Governments of Switzerland and Austria and contributions from other donors (including Norway, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Spain, Denmark and The Netherlands) UNIDO and UNEP have expanded the Programme to 47 developing and transition countries. In each of these countries, national experts have been trained, in plant CP assessments completed and results and experiences disseminated among enterprises, governments, business and professional associations and civil society.


UNIDO-UNEP National Cleaner Production Centres and Programmes worldwide

Africa and Arab Region (13)

Cape Verde; Egypt; Ethiopia; Kenya; Lebanon; Morocco; Mozambique; Rwanda; South Africa; Tunisia; Uganda; United Republic of Tanzania and Zimbabwe

Asia and Pacific (7) Cambodia; China; India; Lao People’s Democratic Republic; Republic of Korea; Sri Lanka; and Viet Nam
Europe and Central Asia (15) Albania; Armenia; Bulgaria; Croatia; Czech Republic; Hungary; Montenegro; Republic of Moldova; Romania; Russian Federation; Serbia; Slovakia; The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia; Ukraine; and Uzbekistan
Latin America(12) Bolivia; Brazil; Colombia; Costa Rica; Cuba; Ecuador; El Salvador; Guatemala; Honduras;Mexico; Nicaragua and Pe
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