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The Resource efficient and Cleaner Production Programme in Albania is concerned with improving resource productivity and the environmental performance of businesses and other organizations in the country. The program has a sectoral focus on the hotel and tourism sector, agro and food processing industry and mining and metallurgical industries.

Regarding Agro and Food Processing Industry the environmental impacts are diverse, including energy and water use, waste generation, air and water emissions. Implementation of RECP goes hand in hand with improvements in food quality and safety. The selection of food and agro-processing therefore complements programs in the agricultural sector that are aiming at rationalization and improved productivity from agriculture.

In the Tourist Industry, a number of activities pose a threat to the environmental quality in the coastal areas, which in turn is a main asset for attracting tourists in the future. The industry is characterized by a large number of poorly planned developments which are not provided with adequate communal infrastructure, particularly wastewater collection and treatment.

Finally, the Mining and Metallurgical Industry is a cross-cutting priority from the environmental perspective of the programme, given the significant environmental threats posed by past and current mining and metallurgical complexes.

The expertise offered by the RECP Programme enhances quality and productivity through Environmentally Sound Technologies and supports businesses to be more competitive in the national market and have access in the international market.

Companies interested in participating in the Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Programme are invited to apply through the following form:  Click Here

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